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A powerful dashboard for a powerful tool

Here at Couch.Systems, we provide a fully custom dashboard to have the uploader aim to fit all of your needs, the dashboard is simple to use and mobile-responsive.

Fully customisable to your needs

We have many features to customize how the uploader is for you, especially within the discord embed. The embed editor has many features including editing the Title, Description, Color and more!


We are an invite only uploader, this means that you need an invite code to register for the service. We drop invite codes daily in our discord server.

Globally available

We have servers all around the world to ensure that you get a speedy upload time, and to minimalise errors to do with latency to the service.

what makes us special

Premium features you won't get anywhere else

Fully custom dashboard, for easy management.

Unlimited upload storage* for all your screenshots.

Unlimited invites*, to get your friends into the club too ;)

Full 2FA support for increased security.

Speedy ShareX upload speeds, to make it super fast.

Multiple CDN locations for speedy load times.

Vast variety of supported image and other file formats.

Access to a helpful and amazing closed off Discord community.

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